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Our High Quality Lawn and Landscaping Services

recurring mowing service

Keep your lawn looking great with regular mowing service and proper cutting length.  Our standard services includes: Mowing, Trimming/Edging and Blowing off hard surfaces. We typical visit all properties around once per week, but sometimes the weather can delay routes a day or two.

Top-down photo of mower over grown out grass

Fertilize/Weed Control

Have you ever wondered why that neighbor has such a green and thick lawn?  It is a simple answer...they fertilize and water properly.  This is a crucial, must have, inexpensive service for a lush lawn. We suggest 4 fertilizer application per year.  Weed control is available upon request.


Aeration allows nutrients to more easily penetrate the soil and leads to stronger, vibrant lawns. We reach out to our regular customers in late August to offer aeration and overseeding for applicable turf areas at a very affordable rate.

Photo of man pushing aerator on a residential lawn


Enjoy a thick, lush, and luxurious lawn with seasonal overseeding.

Close up photo of seeding machine on lawn


This common practice protects your Nashville landscaping from heat, cold, drought, and weeds. We offer several different mulch types and colors.  Most customer like this service in the Spring and Fall months.  Price is calculated by the square foot.

Photo of two hands holding freshly placed mulch

LANDSCAPING and Seasonal Flowers

We can help you enhance your property with small plants, shrubs or seasonal flowers.  Certain seasonal flower combinations can really add to home values during a listing or seasonal conditions.

Photo of flower beds in a residential backyard

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